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Let Deep Cleaning be your partner when you require commercial cleaning services in Melbourne. We bestow perfection when it comes to an expert clean. We help you to keep your workplace clean as we know that safety is essential. Deep Cleaning’s unique cleaning process is built on proper guidelines and features a combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools and cleaning protocols. Our highly trained franchise business owners can work with you to provide thorough and frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces.

Whether it’s routine commercial cleaning programs or less frequent maintenance cleaning, Deep Cleaning got you covered. Our commercial cleaning services consist of trash cleanup, vacuuming, floor mopping, bathroom maintenance and window-washing. We strive to keep your workplace in its pristine condition to prevent hampering day-to-day duties. We specialize in cleaning business areas and maintain a healthy environment for employees and customers.

Customised and Affordable Commercial Cleaning

Our services can be customized as per the needs so that clients pay based on the specific requirement. We charge on the basis of cleaning frequency and number of services per month. We have the knowledge of cleaning offices and commercial areas of any size wherever located at Melbourne.

Deep Cleaning provides office cleaning, window cleaning, commercial cleaning and others which are bestowed by specialists. We are committed to providing sustainable cleaning solutions that reduce water and chemical use – and have a low carbon footprint. We use microbial and bio (green) products as much as possible and never phosphates or aerosols.

Cleaning and Disinfecting are what we specialise in

As the nation heads back to work and students go back to school, our clients are depending on our commercial cleaning expertise to keep their offices clean and their employees and guests safe. Deep Cleaning follows all guidelines of commercial cleaning to increase the frequency of cleanings. We only use approved chemicals that are effective against viruses such as common flu and coronavirus and follow the recommendations for dwell times, the time that a disinfectant must sit on a surface to kill germs.

We clean for health and wellness and not just for appearance. We understand that cleaning is only part of the solution, and we provide essential services on a daily basis. We can routinely battle microbes, germs and viruses to help to create a clean and safe work environment for you and your team. If you are looking for professional and certified commercial cleaning specialists in Melbourne, reach us out at the help desk.

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