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At Deep Cleaning, we understand the critical need of medical cleaning services so that the surfaces are cleaned and disinfected properly. From the waiting room, to an operating room, we use only the best hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants, as well as cleaning practices. If the cleaning needs of medical facilities are not taken seriously, patient safety, confidence, and their reputation could all suffer.

Our medical cleaners offer complete peace of mind to establish hygiene and sanitation. We cater specialised cleaning services for medical offices, clinics, surgical centers, medical spaces and hospitals. Our healthcare cleaning services are delivered using the latest methods and processes to go deeper into the healthier and cleaned environment. We are known for our sparkling professional image with affordable rates.

Medical cleaning experts serving entire Melbourne

Our cleaning experts at Deep Cleaning use advanced technology to effectively and efficiently clean even the most hard-to-reach surfaces with electrostatic disinfecting fogging. Our trained professional cleaning team will disinfect all surfaces using a rapid, uniform application of fast-acting chemicals to allow for exceptional coverage in a fraction of the time – using chemicals that boast kill times up to 100 times faster than competitive products.

We eye a healthier air quality and modern disinfection practices to set a new standard for cleaning various healthcare setups. The approach and specifically developed cleaning methods offered by Deep Cleaning make us uniquely suited for this service and thus, we been providing medical cleaning services for years. We ensure consistent high cleaning standards as preventing the spread of infection has never been more important than now. Our level of specialisation in cleaning for medical facilities incorporates surface disinfection and bio-hazard cleaning complying with stringent clinical requirements.

Patient care is our top-priority

Our focus is on detail cleans which further relates to proper patient care. Finer details we know will make a difference to the health, safety and wellbeing of your patients, visitors and staff. We do this because we believe it’s important to look after people, just like when you go to great lengths to take care of every individual patient.

At Deep Cleaning, we have a solid knowledge of aseptic cleaning, and know the differences between clean, contamination-free and sterile. From disinfectants and detergents, to charge buckets and broad spectrum cleaners, we use only the top quality, hospital grade cleaning solutions. Our team provides the medical cleaning services for the medical facilities so that they can keep up with their services and maintain overall community wellbeing.

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