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We are a professional cleaning company dedicated to providing top-notch deep cleaning services for homes and businesses. With our expertise and attention to detail, we specialize in tackling even the toughest cleaning challenges to ensure your space is dust-free, fresh, and immaculate.

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With our dedicated team of cleaning experts, you can trust us to tackle all your cleaning needs efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s your home or business, we will meticulously clean every corner, leaving your space fresh, tidy, and inviting.

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Our team of skilled professionals is committed to using safe and effective cleaning methods to ensure a thorough clean while minimizing the use of harsh chemicals.

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Common Types of Cleaning Services we offer

Residential Cleaning

This includes general cleaning of homes, apartments, and other residential spaces. Services typically involve cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and more.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services are tailored for businesses, offices, and commercial establishments. They often include tasks like office space cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maintaining common areas.

Carpet Cleaning

Specialized services for cleaning carpets, removing stains, and improving the overall appearance of carpets in both residential and commercial settings.

Window Cleaning

This involves cleaning windows of all types, from regular residential windows to large commercial glass facades.

End of Lease Cleaning

Also known as bond cleaning, this service is crucial for tenants moving out of rental properties. It ensures the property is left in the required condition for the return of the bond deposit.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Similar to end of lease cleaning, this service prepares a property for new occupants or ensures a new home is thoroughly cleaned before moving in

Spring Cleaning

A deep and thorough cleaning service often conducted once or twice a year. It involves cleaning areas that might be neglected during regular cleaning routines

Office Cleaning

Focused on maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of office spaces, including workstations, restrooms, common areas, and more.

Construction Cleaning

Also known as post-construction cleaning, this service involves cleaning up after construction or renovation projects to remove debris, dust, and any leftover materials.

Restaurant Cleaning

It is a specialized type of commercial cleaning that focuses on maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene, and overall appearance of restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food establishments.

Industrial Cleaning

Aimed at cleaning industrial facilities, warehouses, factories, and manufacturing spaces. This often involves dealing with heavy machinery, specialized equipment, and potentially hazardous environments.

Gutter Cleaning

Involves removing leaves, debris, and other materials from gutters to prevent water blockages and damage to the property.

Pressure Washing

Using high-pressure water to clean and remove dirt, grime, mold, and other buildup from surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and building exteriors.

Oven and Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Specialized service focused on deep-cleaning kitchen appliances, particularly ovens, stoves, and other cooking equipment.

Green Cleaning

Environmentally friendly cleaning services that use eco-friendly products and methods to minimize the impact on the environment.

Service Areas

We are proud to serve a wide range of service areas to accommodate our customers’ cleaning needs.

Residential Areas

We cater to homeowners in various neighborhoods and residential communities of Melbourne, offering our professional cleaning services for houses, apartments, condos, and more.

Commercial and Office Spaces

We extend our cleaning services to businesses, offices, retail stores, and other commercial establishments in and around Melbourne.

Hospitality Industry

We serve hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and other accommodations, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene for guest satisfaction in and around Melbourne.

Educational Institutions

We provide cleaning services for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational facilities, promoting a clean and healthy learning environment for students and staff in around Melbourne.

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Our Happy Clients

Based on 11 reviews
B MAro
B MAro
Prompt and efficient service for cleaning the gutters and also the windows for our home I will definitely use Deep cleaning for all our cleaning services yearly. Thank you from Bruno
Sadia Waleem
Sadia Waleem
Have tried to call this local service 4-5 times in last couple of weeks, the person always recrived the call and told me to drop me a text msg of what to clean, he always excused that I m busy n outside andl assured me to give a quote via text. But haven't heard back from him. So from my experience this service I would not recommended to anyone. The customer satisfaction and correspondence are the keys of growing for any small local business. Better to apprach another local service which are more responsive.
Jacob Lijo
Jacob Lijo
I was really happy with the cleaning service. Cleaning was done very professionally and even the price was affordable.
Albury Your
Albury Your
We bought a ex display house in Mickleham and wanted someone professional, well we came across these guys and what an Amazing service and experience and very professional. He was on time and explained me all the details before starting. He even sent me photographs of the job and was very polite. Price was very reasonable as well. Highly recommend his service don’t look elsewhere this is the guy who gets the job done like no one else. Thank you brother Ricky
Ankur Dhir
Ankur Dhir
Amazing service & great work thanks for a wonderful cleaning. Very professional team & pay eye to details. We are really happy with service.
Kusum Thapa
Kusum Thapa
I would highly recommend Deep cleaning services to anyone who needed a professional and through cleaning service. The cleaner was very professional and did one fantastic job, i was very happy with the job i could not fault it. Thankyou for the wonderful services. 🙏👍
Trent Whatman
Trent Whatman
Fantastic attitude, fantastic job, carpets came up great. AAA + service.
Getu Nanda
Getu Nanda
Excellent service and good team . I have never seen cleaners who has done perfect cleaning without a mark and so accomodating. They came back without hesitation to cut grass. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and family . If you are in Melbourne and have not used this cleaning service I a bet you your house is not cleaned thoroughly. You can rest at your home and give them the job as they are highly trained cleaners
Sarah Ranjbakhsh
Sarah Ranjbakhsh
Kind people and very professional service. These gentlemen put in 100% and we couldn’t be happier with their work.

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